How We Help

How We Do It

We pursue our mission primarily through activities tied to our Revenue Matrix tool and related activities and processes. The Matrix helps nonprofits identify and evaluate desirable revenue streams. We describe the Matrix more thoroughly in our Tools section.

We engage nonprofits using the Revenue Matrix tool in two basic ways:

  1. Through teaching and training, we empower nonprofits to effectively use our tools, knowledge and processes.
  2. Through one-on-one consulting, we help individual nonprofits achieve their financial capacity-building goals.

We have found that the first of these formats is proving to be the most effective in rapidly achieving our mission. By training groups of nonprofit executives, intermediaries (e.g. associations of funders or nonprofits), and individual consultants we can achieve maximum our impact.

We have had success in teaching and training using the following venues:

  • A 90-minute basic training session where attendees are given an overview of the tool and processes and are directed to other sites and publications for additional help.

  • A 4-hour session where attendees bring their own laptops with the matrix spreadsheet loaded and are assisted in working through the spreadsheet. Attendees leave this session with a start toward a new revenue model.
  • A 45-minute session that helps nonprofit leaders to understand the opportunities provided by a range of new legal structures (e.g. benefit corporations) and funding streams (e.g. equity crowdfunding). If a client desires, this session can be incorporated into one of the Revenue Matrix sessions above.

The focus of our work is on a nonprofita��s revenue model. We do not focus on the clienta��s expenditures other than to help them measure the costs involved in implementing new revenue streams.

One of the ways we share our ideas for revenue generation is through a course that Tom co-teaches at the University of St Thomas in downtown Minneapolis. The following is a link to the UST Mini-MBA for Nonprofit Organizations.

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