Helping Those Who Help Others

With the ending of the Recession, the financial crises endured by many American nonprofits have begun to ease. Charitable contributions appear to be returning to pre-Recession levels, and government funding programs are stabilizing.This is good news for our sector generally. But not all nonprofits are financially healthy; many are still struggling. And the competition for dollars is intensifying: every day in the US some 450 new nonprofits are created.

When times are tough, nonprofits typically search for needles in the same old haystacks. They try to replace one government grant with another or search for the next miracle foundation or newly rich mega-donor.

These traditional revenue strategies cana��t be counted on going forward. Nonprofits need new approaches to realize more sustainable revenue models. At Triplett Consulting we offer a range of programs and services tailored to the unique needs of individual nonprofits.

What we do

Our mission is to build the financial capacity of nonprofit organizations. We focus on the financial infrastructure rather than the program elements of a nonprofit.

For instance, we would not help a battered women’s program improve the quality of the counseling they provide their clients. Instead, we would help them with the organizational and financial bases needed to maximize the quality and amount of counseling services they provide.Our focus is in three capacity-building fields:

  • Identifying and evaluating revenue streams that are diversified and sustainable
  • Building the organizational structures needed to take full advantage of those revenue streams
  • Implementing a strategic philosophy within the nonprofit that maximizes the opportunities generated by the new funding streams and structures

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